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Once upon a time, Sue curated a review blog called GraveTells Romance, and it had this crazy complicated Review Submission form. But you know what? Ain’t nobody got time for that now! Time, actually, is the biggest enemy of any true book slut, and between her two editing day jobs, Sue rarely gets the chance to read for pleasure. With that in mind, Infatuated is not currently taking direct requests for book reviews or promotion on the podcast.

That said, if you really believe your story is a fab fit and absolutely must tell us about it, use the form below. But seriously, listen to a few recent episodes first. Charm and praise and kind honesty are warmly invited, but demands and clearly unsuitable content—like, oh say, horror with a side of autobiography—will get you… well, ignored. We’re only interested in creating authentic, long-lasting connections with people who love the romance genre.

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Examples: Contemporary, historical, scifi romance, menage, enemies to lovers, etc. (List is not comprehensive, just examples)
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